Florida College & University Scholars Named as Inaugural 2024 Guy Harvey Fellowship Awardees

Florida College & University Scholars Named as Inaugural 2024 Guy Harvey Fellowship Awardees

In a concerted effort to safeguard coastal and marine ecosystems and their inhabitants, the Guy Harvey Foundation (GHF) teams up with local, national, and international entities to conduct scientific inquiries and provide financial backing to affiliated researchers who share their dedication to ocean preservation. At the forefront of GHF’s endeavors is the recognition of graduate students and candidates from various Florida colleges and universities whose studies contribute to the sustainable management of marine fish.

In pursuit of this mission, the Guy Harvey Fellowship, previously named the Guy Harvey Scholarship Award, a collaboration between GHF and Florida Sea Grant, carefully selects up to eight outstanding scholars. Each recipient receives a $5,000 research stipend and the opportunity to present their work to the wider Sea Grant network through Florida Sea Grant’s Communications Team. Awardees are urged to share their advancements, participate in public and scientific discussions, and enhance their science communication abilities.

The 2024 Guy Harvey Fellowship recipients are as follows:

  • Zeke Tuszynski and Sarah F. Webb from Florida Atlantic University
  • Susannah Cogburn from Florida Gulf Coast University
  • William Sample from Florida International University
  • Annais Muschett-Bonilla from Florida State University
  • Eric Bovee from the University of Florida
  • John Francis Hlavin from the University of Miami
  • Alexis Mitchem from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Since its establishment in 2010, the collaboration between Florida Sea Grant and the Guy Harvey Foundation has awarded scholarships totaling $439,000 to support the research of 90 students across 12 different Florida universities. This fellowship not only advances academic research but also strengthens the bond between GHF, Florida Sea Grant and the upcoming generation of marine scientists.

Dr. Sherry Larkin, Director of Florida Sea Grant, expresses, “We partnered with the Guy Harvey Foundation to institute a fellowship program aimed at cultivating a cohort of student researchers who will not only advance their academic pursuits but also reinforce Florida Sea Grant’s ties with Florida’s future marine and coastal scientists. We hope this fellowship provides recipients with the platform to engage and disseminate their research within the broader Sea Grant Network.”

In addition to financial assistance, each fellowship recipient is presented with a personalized certificate bearing the signature of Dr. Guy Harvey, esteemed marine wildlife artist, conservationist, and GHF Founder/Chair Emeritus.

Dr. Harvey emphasizes, “Our dedication to funding and nurturing the next generation of scholars to become stewards of ocean conservation is pivotal to the Guy Harvey Foundation’s mission. By showcasing the exceptional research undertaken by these students and rewarding their diligence, we underscore the significance of maintaining the health of our oceans’ ecosystems and keeping the scientific community inspired.”

Applications for the 2025 Guy Harvey Fellowship will open later this year. Stay updated on eligibility criteria and deadlines at www.flseagrant.org/student-opportunities/ or reach out to Florida Sea Grant Student Programs Coordinator, Cassandra Sexson, at [email protected].

Learn more about the 2024 Guy Harvey Fellows.


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