Our Team


Dr. Guy Harvey

Founder & Chair Emeritus

Steve Roden

Chairman of the Board


Chief Operating Officer

Susan Capone Rode

Executive Director of Research & Advocacy

Greg Jacoski

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Tonya Shearer

Director of Stewardship & Donor Relations

Amanda Martin

Director of Education & Outreach

Betty Bergnes

Director of Marketing & Communications

Matt Raine


Jason Zauder

Philanthropic Assistant

Nadia Cajale

Board of Directors

Dr. Guy Harvey

Chairman Emeritus, Guy Harvey Foundation

Rodney Barreto, Member

CEO of Barreto Group

Rob Kornahrens, Member

Founder, President, CEO, Advanced Roofing Inc.

Chris Peterson, Member

CEO of Hell’s Bay Boatworks

Steve Roden

Chairman, Guy Harvey Foundation

Paul Castronovo, Member

Host of “Paul Castonovo Show”, Big 105.9 FM Miami, iHeart Radio

Dean Klevan, Member

Founding President, CEO of Coral Gables Trust

Jessica Harvey

CEO, Guy Harvey Foundation

Rich Davies, Member

President, CEO of Pavilion Development Company

Jody Lewis, Member

Owner of Lewis Marine Supply

Jeff Harkavy, Member

Registered Securities Principle of Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.

Bob Osborn, Member

President of Tesco Equipment LLC.

Robert Thomas, Member

CEO of Two Rivers Ranch

Dr. Guy Harvey

Dr. Guy Harvey founded the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation with 10 board members in 2008. Its original purpose was to provide financial aid to scientific projects that were being delayed due to complicated funding channels.

Now named Guy Harvey Foundation it has grown to encompass educational initiatives and provide man power to carry out projects the foundation is involved with. Dr. Harvey has a PhD. in Fisheries Management from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica and uses his lifetime of experience and trained expertise to affect change needed to save our oceans.

Jessica Harvey

Jessica Harvey was born and raised in the Caribbean. Her love of the wildlife and the outdoors was inspired by her parents and led her into her career as an environmental conservationist. Now as the new Co-Chair of the Foundation, Jessica will work with her team to expand the STEAM driven marine educational resources provided by the foundation and it’s partners to move our global community towards a greener economy and healthier environment – one country at a time. Her role lies predominantly with education. Partnering with local NGOs, Government departments, corporations and private citizens, Jessica and her team plan creative ways to engage the community and bring awareness to the importance of a balanced and healthy marine ecosystem.

Steve Roden

Steve Roden is the CEO of Guy Harvey Enterprises as well as co-chair of GHOF. A knowledge entrepreneur, Roden has spent his career turning around small companies and building a series of start-ups that were either sold to public companies or merged with larger entities. Roden has also worked closely with Florida State University mentoring professors in launching ideas through creativity and innovation. He was named “Partner of the Year” by the FSU Research Foundation and has been recognized twice as a top entrepreneur in Florida by FSU’s Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship.

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