Our goal is to inspire every community member to be a confident and active ocean ambassador.

Seven goals and objectives:

  • Provide access to high quality educational material on marine biodiversity and it’s importance through a variety of platforms to every member of the community in Spanish and English.
  • Engage the community in ocean conservation efforts, issues and solutions through research, educational initiatives and balanced discussions.
  • Support community projects, sustainable development, eco-tourism and natural resource management in partnership with the public, private, NPO and Government sectors.
  • Provide resources to encourage and expand available environmental conservationist career opportunities.
  • Give those in need, the opportunity to pursue their passion in a field relating to marine science with financial and experiential support.
  • Use the Cayman Islands as a template of a sustainable future to inspire other Caribbean islands to follow suit.
  • GHOF to set high standard of sustainable operations for the Guy Harvey Brand and other companies and organizations.


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