2024/25 Expeditions

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Pacific Fins Resort & Marina

  • Expedition Partner : Pacific Fins Resort & Marina
  • Dates : May 22-26th, 2025
  • Tips not included.
  • Max guests : 20
  • Price pp (USD) : $6,000 per person

From the time we arrived in Panama City, during our stay at Tropic Star and until our final departure , the experience was first class concierge service. Kudos to the staff of the Guy Harvey foundation and Tropic Star. Having the opportunity to interact with board members of the Foundation, Dr Harvey, Jessica Harvey and other fishing enthusiasts made the adventure a memorable experience. In addition to fishing with Jessica, we had the privilege of fishing with Dr. Ryan Logan who was sponsored by the foundation while earning his Doctorate in marine biology at Tropic Star. His presentation to the whole group regarding his thesis was incredibly enlightening. Most importantly, catching lots of fish especially billfish was a bonus. Thank you for a great expedition!

Gerard Arsenault West Palm Beach, Fl

I joined the 2023 fishing expedition out of Casa Vieja Lodge with Jessica with the purpose of learning more about billfish catch and release procedures, and also hoping to enjoy finding some new seabirds to add to my life list. The three-day experience was so much more than that! The connections and the memories from this trip will last a lifetime. If you are an angler, join the next expedition to experience the non-stop billfish action and the rush of every release! If you are into education and conservation support, join for the opportunity to contribute directly with the power of your donation and do real time research! But above all, join because you will enjoy every single minute of the adventure, in the company of a dedicated team of people, who care deeply about the protection of marine environments and the creatures who depend on them!

Ana Pazos San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our trip to Isla Mujeres on a GHF expedition was a way to experience the foundation work firsthand and fulfill a long time dream of mine. The whale sharks and rays were amazing and we were impressed with how the safety of the animals was a priority. Jess is a great teacher and advocate. We choose to support the GHF because they envision a future where humans embrace and respect the aquatic world.

Laura and Gregory Roy Fort Lauderdale, FL

It's hard to put into words the fun and excitement we have experienced when fishing with the Guy Harvey Expedition group over the past three years. Not only are the fishing, crew, boats, accommodations, and service outstanding, but we have had the honor of fishing with Guy Harvey and his daughter, Jessica! You leave the experience feeling that you are among their group of friends, after sharing a day of spectacular fishing in Guatemala or Panama. Plus, we get to meet and fish and share stories with like-minded fishermen and women from many different areas, as well as learn from their visiting scientists. And, it's a great feeling to be able to help the Foundation with ocean research and conservation. We even got to tag some mahi that we caught this year. We look forward to future adventures!

Connie Turner and Lucky Shawver Palm City, FL

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Guy Harvey Expeditions aim to promote ocean conservation and educate the public about the importance of marine ecosystems. Through these expeditions, participants have the opportunity to engage in a variety of ocean activities, such as sustainable fishing through catch-and-release methods or by swimming with whale sharks and learning from leading scientists! By joining a Guy Harvey Expedition, individuals can make a meaningful impact in preserving our oceans for future generations.


Guy Harvey Expeditions take place in Guatemala, Isla Mujeres, MX and Panama for a reason – these locations are known for their exceptional marine biodiversity and conservation efforts. The Guy Harvey Foundation has partnered with local research organizations in each of these regions to promote marine conservation and scientific research.

Through these partnerships, Guy Harvey Expeditions not only provide participants with an unforgettable ocean experience but also contribute to important research efforts and promote marine conservation in these regions. The foundation’s commitment to sustainable fishing and marine conservation, coupled with its partnerships with local research organizations, demonstrates the power of collaboration in preserving our oceans for future generations.

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