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'Protect Our Oceans' Florida Specialty License Plate

The ‘Protect Our Oceans’ specialty license plate features an iconic Guy Harvey mahi-mahi, one of Florida’s most popular offshore fish species.

Every purchase of the Guy Harvey ‘Protect Our Oceans’ license plate directly supports critical conservation initiatives, including:

– Pelagic fish research

– Dolphinfish conservation in Florida

– Educational programming in Florida schools

By proudly displaying this license plate on your vehicle, you become a champion for ocean conservation, inspiring others to join the movement toward a sustainable future for our oceans and marine life.

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From now until February 1, 2025, we will be giving away a trip to Pacific Fins Resort in Guatemala for a 2025 Guy Harvey Expedition.

To Enter:

    1. Purchase or renew a Guy Harvey ‘Protect Our Oceans’ specialty license plate
    2. Submit a photo of your new plate along with your receipt of purchase. Please feel free to blur out your FL tag number if you wish.
    3. By submitting, you will also receive a limited edition Guy Harvey t-shirt as a thank you for supporting the Guy Harvey Foundations conservation mission.

How Do I Purchase a Plate?

There are three ways to purchase a ‘Protect Our Oceans’ license plate.

  1. Visit your local Tax Collector’s office in person.
  2. Renew your existing ‘Protect Our Oceans’ plate online through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
  3. Visit to renew your plate online.


  • How much does the 'Protect Our Oceans' plate cost?

    The total cost of acquiring the 'Protect Our Oceans' license plate may vary. $25 from the sale of each plate goes toward supporting the mission of the Guy Harvey Foundation. Additionally, you'll be required to pay your standard registration fees as specified by your local tax collector's office. For details regarding motor vehicle registration fees, please refer to

    You can conveniently order your plate online through eTags at:

  • Can I customize my 'Protect Our Oceans' license plate?

    Yes! You can personalize your specialty plate if you wish.

    To do so, follow the instructions provided here:

    You can also customize online at using eTags:

    If you already have a personalized tag number, you can transfer it to a 'Protect Our Oceans' specialty plate.

  • By purchasing a 'Protect Our Oceans' license plate, what am I supporting and where does the one go?

    By purchasing a 'Protect Our Oceans' license plate, you're supporting the Guy Harvey Foundation's mission, which focuses on ocean conservation efforts. Specifically, $25 from each plate sold goes towards funding research and educational initiatives aimed at protecting the marine environment, promoting sustainable fishing practices, and preserving oceanic biodiversity.

  • How do I switch to a 'Protect Our Oceans' license plate from a standard Florida plate?

    If it's currently within two months of your birthday month, consider visiting your local Tax Collector's office to renew your registration and switch to the 'Protect Our Oceans' license plate all in one transaction.

    You can also opt to switch to the 'Protect Our Oceans' license plate by visiting your local Tax Collector's office in person at any time.

    This process remains the same if you already own a different Florida specialty license plate and wish to switch to a 'Protect Our Oceans' plate.

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