Coral Reef Restoration

As Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease continues to damage coral reefs in Florida and around the Caribbean, the GHF and partners work to remove unaffected corals from the reefs, breed them in captivity, and then transplant new corals back onto reefs once the disease has passed.

The GHF worked with partners to tag and track lionfish in the Caribbean to study their movements and  better understand how this invasive species impacts native reef fish.

Over 50%

Coral reefs that have been lost in the last 50 years.


Coral reefs that have been lost in Florida.


"One person can make a difference, but together we can make an IMPACT". We understand the importance of collaboration in working to tackle the problems our coral reefs are facing.


The GHF has funded over $200,000 in coral reef restoration work, helping to transplant healthy corals onto reefs affected by Stony Coral Tissue Loss disease.

Tagging and tracking studies of lionfish in the Caribbean have indicated strong site fidelity, meaning that lionfish prefer coverage and tend to stay in one location, as opposed to moving around the reef. 

Location: Florida & Cayman Islands

Partners: Coral Restoration

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