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Supporting Guy Harvey Foundation will have a tremendous impact ensuring that future generations can enjoy and benefit from a naturally balanced ecosystem.

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Guy Harvey and team created an innovative, blended-learning model, which includes online and in-person, hands-on content for use worldwide.

With your support, our team continues to create new tools for the state of Florida and beyond; collaborating with local school systems and communities to provide professional development opportunities for teachers certifying them as Guy Harvey Ambassadors.

GHF also provides a wide variety of scholarships to support and recognize extraordinary students from many colleges and universities. The Guy Harvey Scholars are doing important work including biology, ecology, habitat management and fisheries. Since 2010 our partnership with Florida Sea Grant has granted over 67 students with more than $350,000 in scholarships.

Please help us to continue our educational goals to inspire the next generation of ocean conservationists.


At a young age, Guy Harvey realized an undeniably deep connection to the ocean, which would become the focus of a life’s work. During his childhood, years of formal training and countless ocean-based research expeditions, Guy was inspired by the overwhelming beauty of the ocean and the creatures that lie within to create scientifically accurate, vibrantly stunning artwork. Guy Harvey’s authentic artwork grew to become the vehicle to raise awareness and funds to advance important, cause-oriented research. The Guy Harvey Foundation actively participates in documentation and data collection in research projects around the world. The information gained through the research is made accessible through our innovative, experiential education platform. Today, as a socially responsible leader, Guy Harvey and team remain steadfast in their commitment as a catalyst for ocean health. Support our research efforts and donate today.


Fishing. Diving. Boating trips to explore the wonders of our oceans, lakes, and rivers. Beach days. Habitat clean-up. Sunsets that take your breath away. Responsible participation in these elements encompasses the coastal lifestyle we hold so dear and work to protect for current and future generations. Guy Harvey is about the dedication and deep emotional connection we have to the sea. We believe in protecting our seas and the pastimes that happen in and around it so that future generations can experience its grandeur and beauty for years to come. There is so much potential to save our oceans and to set the next generation of ocean conservationists on a path towards saving our seas. All our efforts truly inspire the future. Donate today.

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