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Prime Time Guy Harvey

Stream Guy with Amazon Prime

If you find yourself at home tonight hungry for a great wildlife documentary, the Guy Harvey team is ready to serve up an expedition. You can even have a Guy Harvey version of Shark Week … if you know where to look. And it’s easy — just ask Alexa.

Guy Harvey documentaries are available on Amazon Prime and iTunes — everything from Guy’s expeditions to Panama’s Tropic Star Lodge, to the research that helped change regulations to reduce the fishing pressure on shortfin mako sharks in the Atlantic.

Guy Harvey with a shortfin mako shark

George C. Schellenger, the producer of Guy Harvey Expeditions says, “We wanted the opportunity to get the content in front of as many people as possible, and we felt like Amazon Prime Video was a great way to do it. You can watch it when and where you want. With more than 15 documentaries currently available, you can even binge-watch Guy Harvey.”

You’ll find season one of Guy Harvey Expeditions on Amazon Prime Video. The series was featured on Discovery’s Destination America Network. This includes programs like Tiger Shark Express (breakthrough tiger shark tracking in the Atlantic), Aliens from the Deep(about the lionfish invasion) and Billfish of North America. Schellenger says, “One of my favorite documentaries is Giants of the Gulf, a fascinating look at the whale sharks off the coast of the Yucatan. It’s an incredible place to go, and the documentary really gives you a feel for what it’s like being on expedition with Guy Harvey.”

There’s also a lot of content featuring Guy’s most recent expeditions — including This is Your Ocean: Sharks – Part 2 and This is Their Ocean: Sea of Life. You can even take a trip to Cuba with Guy and his daughter, Jessica Harvey, and follow In the Footsteps of Ernest Hemingway.

If you’re heading to the Cayman Islands, don’t miss Stingray City, a documentary about the most popular marine wildlife interactive zone in the world — right off the coast of Grand Cayman.

Schellenger says, “From whale sharks to white marlin, each film works to document the research underway by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and the Guy Harvey Research Institute. It’s also fun to see how Guy’s artwork ties into it all. There’s so much, even a program about how Guy created the hull artwork for the cruise ship Norwegian Escape for Norwegian Cruise Line. In fact, if you’re ever on the cruise ship Norwegian Escape, you can watch the Guy Harvey Channel and sample a lot of the content.”

For more than a decade, Schellenger has been in the field with Guy working to show the world Guy’s efforts to help marine life. “Many of the stories are told over a long period of time, providing viewers a look at the difference dedicated field research makes. Having this instant outlet allows you to take part in the work and meet the scientists making it happen.”

Part of the proceeds from sales of the films goes back into the research. The films not only focus on each adventure but also marine science education as well — making for great family viewing.

So remember, your next great adventure could be as easy as saying, “Alexa, show me Guy Harvey Expeditions on Amazon Prime.”  


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