Magazine Post: Guy Harvey Scholarship

Guy Harvey Scholarship

In order to foster future generations of marine conservationists, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation understands the value of marine education. To help inspire students to continue learning and researching within the field, GHOF has taken part in two scholarship programs the past few years: the Guy Harvey Scholarship award in the Florida Sea Grant program and the Nova Guy Harvey Endowed Scholarship. Through Florida Sea Grant support, the Guy Harvey Scholarship awards undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled full time at Florida institutions of higher education who are conducting research related to the biology, ecology, habitat or management of fish in Florida’s marine environment. Through this award, the GHOF has given over 70 scholarships. The Nova Guy Harvey Endowed Scholarship supports graduate students at Nova Southeastern University who are pursuing research in Marine Sciences.

In collaboration with the Florida Prepaid College Foundation, GHOF has recently launched the Guy Harvey Florida Prepaid College Foundation Scholarship Award. In 2020, this was awarded to four high school seniors in the state of Florida who plan to attend Nova Southeastern University. Students must have completed one or all of the following during high school: Marine Science I, Marine Science II, environmental science, and/or biology. Students provided proof of interest in marine science and conservation through previous education, clubs or extracurricular activities and indicated a strong desire to pursue a science major in college. While this scholarship is currently only awarded to students who plan to attend NSU, the GHOF is looking to expand to other universities and is seeking benefactors who support the Guy Harvey Education Initiative’s mission to spread marine education to younger generations.  


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