Magazine Post: Toadfish and Our New ‘Friends of the Coast’

Toadfish and Our New ‘Friends of the Coast’

By Emily Roden

People usually perceive oysters in one of two ways: delicacies best served raw or Rockefeller, or slimy creatures they couldn’t imagine ingesting. Toadfish Outfitters, with their oyster bed planting initiative, is asking you to see oysters in a new light — as “friends of the coast” and as a means of saving our ecosystems. 

In the past 30 years, there has been a 40% increase in the number of people who live on the coast. Coastal living is both expensive to the pockets of movers and to the coastal ecosystems. With the construction of new homes, cities, businesses, etc. along the coastline, there is toxic runoff. This runoff enters into bodies of water and is the No. 1 issue that threatens aquatic plants and animals, contributing to the decline of hundreds of different marine species. As 14th-generation coastal residents and “homegrown conservationists,” the founders of Toadfish decided to tackle this issue with a unique solution — oysters. The Put ’Em Back movement involves constructing 10 square feet of new oyster beds for each Toadfish product sold. Oyster beds serve as a filtration system for water, with a single oyster filtering the toxins out of 50 gallons of water per day. The more oyster beds that scatter the coastline, the cleaner the water. Toadfish, in their efforts to protect the coast, has planted over 73,000 square feet of oyster beds.  

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