Magazine Post: Meet the Skallywags

Meet the Skallywags

The term scallywag has generally been associated with troublemakers and outlaws. But there’s a new kind of “Skallywag” in town: a family-run business all about celebrating life at sea and ocean conservation. Siblings Richard White and Kerry White, alongside Kerry’s husband Raymond Moody, have created a series of flags that represent the honor that comes with battling giant fish. 

With flags representing 11 species — from blue marlin to wahoo — Skallywags Flags can be flown to celebrate what fish you’ve caught. Best of all, the company is donating a portion of their profits to support marine conservation. 

“We floated the idea by the one and only Guy Harvey,” said Richard White, “and he was keen to put his artwork stamp of approval on the project. The rest, we’re not afraid to say, is angling history.”

Skallywags fishing flags come packaged in recycled cardboard and reusable bags that are made from recycled bottles. The company chooses suppliers who treat their workers well, and are serious about taking steps toward the conservation of our oceans. Plus, the flags stand up to life at sea and won’t go dull in the sun; they are made from top-quality, lightweight, 100% woven polyester fabric that’s treated with a water-repellent finish and dyed using a specialty acrylic pigment dye system. 

Each of the signature fishing battle flags features original artworks by Guy Harvey and is 12-by-18 inches with a Velcro finish. They cost $26. The entire species list includes blue marlin, roosterfish, dorado, cubera snapper, wahoo, swordfish, sailfish, white marlin, black marlin, yellowfin tuna and striped marlin.

There’s a special kind of honor in coming back to shore with all your Skallywags battle flags hoisted. 

“We can’t wait to see you all flying Skallywags flags out in the deep blue. Your kids will thank you when they’re pulling in their own ocean giants one day,” Smith said. 

For more information, or to order your Skallywags fishing flags, go to:


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