Magazine Post: Clean Energy, Clean Apparel

Clean Energy, Clean Apparel

Guy Harvey’s commitment to marine conservation extends all the way to his iconic apparel. The facility where Guy Harvey clothing is made is covered in solar panels, and the water is reclaimed and purified (see Guy Harvey Magazine Issue 36). Now, the latest innovation in apparel is called THREADCYCLED™ technology, making Guy Harvey one of the first apparel brands to adopt this new “zero waste” manufacturing process that repurposes 100 percent of the textile waste into upcycled yarn.

Starting in the fall of 2021, Guy Harvey will use this textile technology to turn scrap material from previously manufactured apparel into regenerated men’s high-quality, moisture-wicking T-shirts. More than 16 choices of short-sleeve tees, with or without a pocket, will be offered. Guy Harvey’s new THREADCYCLED™ line is made using a blend of 60% cotton generated from upcycled yarn and 40% recycled polyester sourced from recycled plastic bottles. These revolutionary new garments are priced in line with other Guy Harvey tees and contribute to Guy Harvey’s commitment to ocean conservation and sustainability while maintaining the highest level of performance and functionality.

THREADCYCLED™ is just one of the many ways Guy Harvey continues to elevate its cutting-edge sustainable manufacturing practices. The brand’s facilities and machines use carbon-neutral biofuels alongside solar energy for power, and that significantly reduces greenhouse emissions. The residual effect of this clean manufacturing process is the elimination of harmful dyes, chemicals and excessive water, leaving no trail of toxic waste. Additionally, in an effort to
keep textiles out of the landfills, Guy Harvey strives to create high-quality and dependable products so they last for years to come.

“We are committed to sourcing the best practices when it comes to our apparel manufacturing to ensure we minimize the impact on our natural environment,” Dr. Guy Harvey explained. “The fashion industry contributes to upwards of 148 million tons of fashion waste each year, and we are proud to be on the forefront of positive change in the industry. With our new THREADCYCLED™ technology, we will be able to offer an upcycled alternative to traditional manufacturing practices with the same quality that our leisure and technical apparel is known for.” 


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